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Our company offers top quality and low cost 100% human hair products like Clip-On Hair Extensions, U-tip Keratin Hair Extensions, Microring Hair Extensions, Natural Hair Wigs, Bangs, Ponytails, Hair Ribbons and Practice Heads. With a range of hair colors per product, different hair lengths, different set weight and even custom specifications.

  The products are devided in two collections:

Veritable by Lien Style Veritable by Lien Style is our first official collection developed in 2010. With our research background we manage to create the perfect natural looks and feel of the hair products and wrapped it all under one name „Veritable”. The Hair quality of the Veritable Collection is Remy.
Lien Style Gold Lien Style GOLD is our second Hair Extensions Collection, forged at the beginning of 2011. Inspired by the luxury and glamour of the Hollywood trends but keeping all the features of the Veritable Collection, Lien Style GOLD offers our clients the star attitude. The Hair quality of the Lien Style GOLD Collection is Gold.
  There are tens of reasons that make our hair extensions better and special than other brands, for some general examples: The products hair ends are straight with a high aspect ratio thus making the hair fuller and not necessary to cut of the end. The hair colouring is made by a natural, ecological dyeing of the hair strands, by using a special made dye that contains 80% natural components we quarantee a healty and long lasting hair! Another powerfull aspect of our production system is that ALL our products are carefully hand made, we do not use complex fast lane production machinery, every hair extensions set is carrefully constructed and inspected strand by strand, making our product 99% flawless.
 For further detailed information of specific products and prices please follow the button at the end of this content!

  Product "specialness" examples:
  clip on hair extensions   Our Clip-On Hair Extensions - What is the difference?

At present time, most clip-on extensions are made by cutting a single piece in multiple sets, that means less hair per one set and it tends to be very fragile, loose hair dropping from the stitch. Our clip-on extensions sets are hand-made. Thus more hair is added to each set for a much greater resistance to forcing and a much fuller look. On top of that the stitch side and clips are very slender and discreet, so no one will ever notice that our clients are wearing hair extensions.
  u tip keratina hair extensions   Our Keratin Hair Extensions - What is the difference?

A lot of temperature biding extensions on the market are silicone grip. Silicone is plastic, and plastic melting and sticking to the hair will cause the hair a lot of damage like suffocation and degradation. In addition, silicon can’t seem to come off the hair, not even with special removal substance. Our extensions are related substance called keratin, a natural protein and nutrient. Intensively feeding but not degrading the hair, its removal is easy with a special removal solution.
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